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The preference for arbitration, over the regime of the courts, in domestic and international disputes is natural. The arbitration awards are final and binding on the parties and can be challenged only in exceptional circumstances.The parties are free to choose their own arbitrator, rules and procedure. Confidentiality is ensured and disputes are expeditiously resolved.

Selecting the ICLP Arbitration Centre for dispute resolution, parties are choosing the premier arbitration centre in Sri Lanka as the independent, neutral third- country venue in Asia, to resolve all commercial disputes, in accordance with the Regular and Expedited Rules of ICLP Arbitration Centre.

Arbitration awards made in Sri Lanka are enforceable in most of the trading nations in the world, since Sri Lanka is a signatory to the New York Convention on the International Enforcement of Arbitration Awards.

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    Available courses

    The Institute for the development of Commercial Law & Practice (ICLP) established for the promotion and advancement of the Commercial Law & Practice conducts an annual Diploma Course on Commercial Arbitration. The main objective of conducting the course is to promote wider knowledge of the Law & Practice on International Commercial Arbitration and the Arbitration Act No.11 of 1995.

    Course Curriculum includes, General Principles of Law, Arbitration Law & Procedure, General Features of International Arbitration, Construction Arbitration & Adjudication, and Pleadings & Award Writing. An eminent panel of resource persons from the Legal fraternity and the construction Industry delivers lectures and the course is supplemented by lectures, case studies, mock arbitrations etc. Course duration is 6-7 Months and classes will be held on Saturdays at the ICLP Auditorium, No 53/1, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mw, Colombo 37.

    Those who posses’ academic or professional qualification in Law, Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Banking, Information Technology etc or involved in dispute resolution are encouraged to apply. Those who make use of this opportunity will be equipped with the required knowledge to arbitrate, represent or provide advice on commercial arbitration.  Two full scholarships will be available to two outstanding candidates on Merit and need basis. The registrations will be on early bird basis. For more details contact Nethmini Medawala 0775 375998


    With the vast developments in the coastal belt, Sri Lanka is becoming a trade hub for South Asia. The role of shipping industry is becoming vital in making the county a major international hub in facilitating global trade and transportation.

    With the objective of building interest in professionals on the legal and practical aspects in the shipping industry, the Institute for the Development of Commercial Law & Practice (ICLP) in collaboration with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce has commenced a Certificate Course on Shipping Law and Practice. 

    The syllabus includes Maritime Law, Admiralty Law, Port Operations, Marine Insurance, Carriage of Goods by the Sea, International Trade Law, Custom Formalities. The faculty includes eminent luminaries from the legal fraternity and the shipping industry.  The duration of the Course will be 4-5 months. The lectures will be held on Sundays from 9am to 1.15pm at ICLP Arbitration Centre, 53/1, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mw, Colombo 07

    The target audience is Attorneys at law and Shipping Industry personnel in senior management. Special concessions are on offer for under graduates, apprentices, Attorneys at Law less than two years experience. Corporate discounts are available for more than three company nominees.  For more information and registration call on 2346163/4,  or email to iclp@eureka.lk or log on to www.iclparbitrationcentre.com